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Autumn 2017


Reception: Do you want to be friends?


KS1   Year 1: Superheroes   Year 2: Muck, mess and mixture


KS2   Year 3: Gods and Mortals    Year 4: Blue Abyss        Year 5: Time traveller



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Our classrooms are no longer rooms full of tables and chairs but fitness studios, laboratories, air raid shelters, the Antarctic landscape, the Giant’s Castle, Stig’s Den, Shakespeare’s Globe, Victorian workhouses – the possibilities are endless! Have a look at the class galleries to see for yourself.


Each class has its own mini-ICT suite so that children can use technology to support their learning all day every day. Pupils will be able to record their learning on iPads and then create animated films as evidence. Interactive displays and Topic Books stimulate the environment and make the learning a permanent memory.


The creative curriculum is how we find children learn best.  A number of activities and tasks are planned and introduced at different times over the week.  Children choose when to complete tasks.  There are essential tasks which must be completed as well as extra activities which can be selected by our independent learners.  Teachers are experienced at teaching not only whole class but small groups to ensure all learning is targeted to the needs of the individuals and the children enjoy discovering more about our world.  Our classes in Key Stage one and two are mixed (Year 1 and 2 classes and Year 3 and 4 classes). We have chosen this as the children learn to nurture each other and learn best from one another.  These classes are mixed ability classes.  This is also beneficial when the children transfer to the next phase of their education as they will have already formed strong friendships with children from other year groups.


For a more detailed overview of topic coverage in the current term, have a look at the class blogs. You may also find details of our reading and spelling schemes in the school prospectus.


Through the creative curriculum, we ensure that we cover the Programmes of Study from the Primary Curriculum 2014


Language learning is an important aspect of the Springfield curriculum.  Staff are invited to speak at national events as the success in this area has been highlighted by OFSTED and other language experts.  The children learn Italian and Mandarin from Reception using songs, stories and games.  We have the expertise of an Italian teacher from the Italian Consulate as well as a number of bilingual Italian, Chinese teachers and others who have worked hard to learn with the children.  With all Kempston schools, we have secured the support of the British Council and will be employing two Chinese Language Assistants to assist us with this project.  Key Stage two pupils also have the possibility of learning German with teachers from Daubeney Academy.  


Physical education and music are also considered important at Springfield. We offer specialist PE lessons to all children in Key Stage 1 and 2 and sports clubs provided by Premier Sport teacher All children have the possibility of learning an instrument in Year 4 and Year 3 participate in Sing On which is where a professional singing teacher works with the children over a term and they then perform with other schools at the Corn Exchange in Bedford to an audience of parents.

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